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 My theory of kagami

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PostSubject: My theory of kagami   Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:55 am

My Kagami Uchiha Theory:

In naruto manga, Kagami was born into the Uchiha clan as the son of the clan’s leader, Madara Uchiha. In order to help protect his child, Madara hid the fact that Kagami was his son, and would instead pass Kagami off as his apprentice. After Konoha was founded, Kagami much like the rest of the Uchiha clan, just wanted the feud with the Senju’s to be over. He even joined Tobirama Senju’s team, along with Danzo Shimura and Torifu Akimichi. Madara felt shunned, his clan was abandoning him, his brother had just died in what was now a useless war, his enemy was now his superior and next-door neighbor, and his village under the leadership of his rival Hashirama Senju. And as the village would weaken itself under the Senju rule, his enemy would plot against him and his clan and his clan would turn their backs on the man that was once their leader. Saddened Madara turned to his only son, Kagami.

Madara realized his time was near its end but he had a plan. Madara fought Hashirama; however he was no match for him. Madara then gathered some of Hashirama’s cells and faked his death. His plans had failed and it looked as if even his son had now given up on him. It seemed to Madara that Kagami had chosen to betray both his father and his clan, but with faith in his child, he revealed his Moon’s Eye Plan and Nagato plan. But Kagami had no faith in either plan, nor were they plans he wished to pursue. Madara eventually left the village and was killed shortly after being discovered in one of the many wars that broke out after Hashirama distributed the bijuu’s and the other villages had formed. It was only moments before his death, when Madara realized that his theories were correct and that his plan had worked. By joining both the bloods/cells of the Rikudo into one body, Madara had unlocked the Rinnegan, and become one step closer to the Rikudo.

Kagami continued living life as a shinobi of Konoha. But he quickly realized how the Senju had spread out and even changed names, separating families by techniques. Kagami tried to be a hero that would restore his clan to its legendary greatness, but time and time again he noticed that this wasn’t possible with Tobirama as his superior. Kagami had felt the same betrayal that he had seen consume his father with hatred; Kagami thought that he was helping Tobirama and the Senju in establishing Konoha’s infrastructure and organizational system. Eventually Kagami noticed Tobirama’s hatred of the Uchiha, Kagami realized that the Senju were trying to exterminate his clan. He had noticed that Tobirama and the Senju had used him to monitor the Uchiha and take full control of the village. Kagami tried to inform the Uchiha but it was too late, as he noticed the Senju’s power and realized that the Uchiha’s distrust of Madara and his theories was there demise.

Kagami would then decide it was time to initiate his father’s plans. Kagami would then try out his powers during the First Shinobi World War. Konoha had already managed to reign supreme in this war, along with Kumo, so to end the war they decided upon a treaty. Being assigned to Tobirama’s team, Kagami went with Tobirama on their way to sign the treaty, and then used his sharingan to control the entire Kinkaku Force, as well as, the Gold and Silver Bro’s they. Kagami’s control of the Kinkaku Force was perfect, and when the time was right he made them strike, destroying any hopes of a treaty amongst Konoha and Kumo. And even killing the 2nd RaiKage and forcing his team to retreat. Kagami then knowing that Tobirama would never allow an Uchiha to go down in history as a hero, suggested that to ensure the safety of the others one would have to stay and fight. Just as Kagami predicted, Tobirama chose to stay and fight. Kagami would later decide that he could still be a hero and suggested that the team turn back to save Tobirama and went to check upon the mayhem, only to find that Tobirama had beaten the entire Kinkaku Force single handedly. However the Kinkaku Force had left Tobirama on the verge of death and far beyond repair.

And as Hiruzen took over, Kagami noticed that the Senju’s grip on the village was far too powerful, however he also noticed that Hiruzen was far too kind. And Kagami was able to leave and study abroad under Hiruzen’s rule. In an effort to put his father’s plans into action Kagami hid in the “village hidden in the rain” where he found one of the few Uzimaki’s left and mated with her, creating his first born son, Nagato. Kagami loved Nagato, but remained unable to reveal himself to his new wife or child. And just as the 2nd Shinobi World War began, Kagami would then later schedule an attack by Konoha shinobi on himself and his family, an experiment in order to test his father’s theory, since it seemed as thou Nagato was just a normal child. And after faking his death in front of his son and watching his child awaken the power of the Rikudo Sennin, Kagami stayed hidden, watching and protecting his child from the shadows… Until Nagato was under the watch of Jaraiya.

Kagami would later return to Konoha in order to monitor it and ensure his plans were going smoothly. Kagami would find love during his period back in Konoha, and would have another child, this time with an Uchiha woman. Kagami chose to name his second son Obito. Hiruzen & Danzo, realizing Kagami had returned and had a son, appointed Obito to be on Minato’s squad, in order for Konoha to monitor him. However, Hiruzen had grown to trust both Kagami and Obito, and as Obito looked to be a failure, Kagami seemed to no longer be a threat to Konoha.

During the 3rd Shinobi World War, Kagami came back to check upon Nagato and continue his father’s plans. Kagami was surprised to see Danzo & Hanzo confronting his child, but continued watching unable to help. Kagami was over-joyed when he saw his son prove his Uchiha inheritance, as even with the hair of an Uzimaki, he didn’t hesitate to kill his best friend. Kagami watched as his son proved capable of awakening the Rikudo’s powers on such a level that Nagato was able to summon the Juubi and yet pained when he saw Hanzo paralyze his child. Kagami would then search for and find the body of his 2nd child Obito, and take Obito’s eye as a memento. Kagami decided the time for action was now, and took this action.

Kagami immediately started planning for revenge, especially when he heard of Hiruzen’s retirement and learned that Minato, the man responsible for his child’s life was going to be named the new HoKage and that his wife was the Kyubi’s Jinchuriki. Kagami had also noticed a young Uchiha prodigy much like himself, Itachi Uchiha. Kagami then launched his attack, known to us the Kyubi’s rampage over 16 years ago. After the attack, Kagami fled the village to Kiri, where he became the True 4th MizuKage. While in Kiri, Kagami took control of the village and its Kage, as well as establishing the Bloody Mist period, where Kagami searched for potential helpers to his cause. 8 years after the Kyubi’s Rampage, Kagami/Tobi returned to Konoha and made himself present to Itachi. He then mentored Itachi as his disciple and then took to destroying the Uchiha Clan.


Thanks for reading!
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My theory of kagami
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